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An academic conference will be organized from Wednesday December 1 till Friday December 3 2021 in the city of Mechelen/Malines. It will precede the solemn commemoration of the Malines Conversations, which will take place on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December 2021. The language of the conference is English, but it is possible to present papers in other languages such as French and German as well

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The name differs in the diocese's two languages; the Dutch name of the see is Mechelen-Brusseland in French, it is called Malines-Bruxelles. In English, Mechelenwas traditionally called Mechlinor Malinesbut now it more commonly remains being called Mechelen. Both Brusseland Bruxellesare called Brussels.

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Mechelen (Malines in French, Mechlin in English; pop. 75,000) lies on the Dijle River, between Brussels and Antwerp and is home of the Primate of Belgium. Mechelen's local beers are "Het Anker" (The Anchor) and "Gouden Carolus" (Golden Charles) named after Emperor Charles V. History. Mechelen was a fief of the Prince-bishopric of Liège until 1356, when it passed to the Dukes of Burgundy

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Explore Mechelen holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | With Belgiumâ s foremost cathedral, a superb central square and a scattering of intriguing museums, Mechelen (Malines in French) is one of Flandersâ most underrated historic cities. And, as the seat of Belgium's Catholic primate (the equivalent of an archbishop), it is overloaded with fine churches. While the canals

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Mechelen is one of Flanders' prominent cities of historical art, with Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, and Leuven.

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In the summer of 1942, the Germans made preparations to deport the Jews of Belgium. To this end, they converted the Dossin de St. Georges military barracks in the city of Mechelen (Fr., Malines) into a transit camp. Mechelen, a city of 60,000, was considered an ideal location for this purpose.

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Though now in the shadow of Brussels, Mechelen is a historically important city in its own right. From 1506 to 1530 it was the capital of the Netherlands under Margaret of Austria. In 1559 it became an archbishopric, a sign of great importance. It was famous for its wood carvings, some of which can still be seen in the churches of the city, and for lace and tapestry manufacture. Today it is a

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Malines/Mechelen, transit camp established by the Nazis in Belgium, between its two largest Jewish communities, Antwerp and Brussels, in October 1941 to concentrate Jews before transporting them to Eastern Europe. An infrastructure was already in place and a railway line led directly to the camp, which became an antechamber to death.

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Nestled between Antwerp and Brussels, Mechelen is one of the most convenient cities in terms of location. From both cities it's just a 20-minute train journey. The city has a long history, but there's much more to it than just tradition. The Financial Times named Mechelen as one of the 10 European cities of the future.